US FRESH Organically grown -Potato,1kg AALU

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Potatoes, also know as aloo or batata, are a key source of carbohydrates and is one of the most heavily used vegetable in Indian cooking. It is one of the most comfortable food item, which is highly used in various different ways such as mashed, boiled, chopped, cubed, grated, sliced, peeled, chunks, pieces, baked and roasted.Organic foods are products of holistic agricultural practices focusing on biodiversity, soil health, chemical free inputs etc., and produced in accordance with Organic Production Standards. The Jaivik Bharat logo for Organic Food is an identity mark to distinguish organic products from non-organic ones. The logo is supported with the tagline “Jaivik Bharat”, at the bottom, which signifies Organic Food from India.

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Add a flavourful, healthy touch to your food with Organic POTATO by URBANSHOPERS FARMS @ Singhawali Ahir Baghpat

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